Shoshana Fanizza — Audience Development Specialists FounderShoshana Fanizza
Founder and Chief Audience Builder

Hello! Welcome to my mission. I started ADS back in 2008 to help artists and arts organizations build better audiences using audience development techniques. When I applied audience development to my own marketing and PR work in 2006, I could not believe the results! I had to share this mentality with anyone and everyone who is interested and ready. Each time I work with an artist or arts organization that really takes to the plan we develop, it feels like magic – more people energy, monetary support and overall community for their art and organizations have resulted.  I am the main person behind ADS, and I work with other talented consultants to give you the best services possible. I enjoy seeing healthy audiences and healthy arts businesses, and I am here to help teach you how to create your own happy and loyal audiences.
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Quality services for building quality audiences!

Do you want to build your audiences? Are you looking for audience building tips, techniques and ideas? Audience Development Specialists offers a variety of audience development consultant services to educate and help artists and cultural arts organizations develop a quality audience. If you want to build audiences and support in an authentic way, contact us today! 


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